Gen. Old swept a hand across the coastline of Alaska. "We have radars right here," he said, "but not enough,and anyway, they are open to attack." The general admitted this even though he is aware that Alaskan-based F-94 pilots are standing by 24-hours every day, alert for the contact that can order them airborne. And very first warning would most likely come from coastal radars.

According to Basic Old, we've got now sunk some $295,000,000 into our radar net , and Alaska has are available in for its share of this. It's a large net in addition to a strong one, but it is far from becoming fool-proof. The scores of isolated radar stations spotted along the barren Arctic coast are scantily defended; however even without having enormous defenses, each and every expense upwards to $5,000,000. "In Alaska you've got to figure almost everything 3 occasions regular continental U. S. fees," continued the general. In spite of this defensive expenditure, "our Alaskan radars are there for just two purposes: to warn of approaching unfriendly planes or ships; to direct ground-controlled interception. Our vast outlay for Alaskan radars has been spent to buy the Alaskan Command and its troops just one particular valuable hour of time. For 60-minutes' warning is all of the Command desires and expects from its radars. If commanders like Gen. Old get that 1 hour, the money may have been well invested. If they do not . . .

Let's fly north to a coastal radar-one of General Old's "eyes"-to see just how vulnerable it truly is. This will be a composite image, not any specific site. Outdoors it's minus 50กใ as our plane climbs into the rarefied, brittle-cold arctic altitudes. The pilot points the ship's nose north and somewhere over snow-capped ranges, past Fairbanks, the pilot announces, "we've just crossed the Arctic Circle." Some hours later (we're riding a slow, conventional-engined air-force transport) we let down on a bulldozered airstrip, plus a few hundred feet from the strip's squat operational hut stretches the Arctic Ocean.

Radar operating crews, anywhere from ten to 400 males, live within a huddle of GI shacks around the airstrip. Twenty-four hours every day operators sit in the radar scopes, scanning this station's assigned sector for the horizon. Except for Armed Forces Radio which still maintains a great station at Nome, in regards to the only entertainment comes from Radio Moscow, which on occasion beams in loud and powerful. Its music is fair; its propaganda revolting and ominous-the sort that tends to make these G.I best rolex replica watches .s know why they are scanning the Arctic coast.

And when diversionary attacks hit Alaskan bases, the full fury of enemy bombers would be roaring higher overhead, bound for the American heartland.

In an exclusive interview for Science and Mechanics, Basic Old place it this way: "If you had been the enemy, what would you do first"

"I'd put out your eyes-your radars-and blind you."

The general nodded. "That's specifically what I would do." He moved to a map, a scaled-down replica with the Strategic Arranging Chart. "This," mentioned Gen. Old, "is the way we're taking a look at the planet today." He meant, rolex replica watches for sale naturally rolex replica watches for sale , from the major down. When strategists believe of our imperiled industrial heartland, they picture themselves standing on the North Pole and peering down over the edge of your globe, initial toward the U. S., then about-facing, toward the U. S the best replica watches . S. R. The closeness in the two, through the over-the-Pole route, has created numerous a strategist gape, for by the jet North Pole route, the once-isolating Arctic Ocean shrinks to pond-size.

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